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Get prepared to thrive in the newborn period

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Are you prepared for baby?

During pregnancy we read books, attend birth classes and keep our bodies fit ready for labor. But how much preparation have you done for the days and weeks after you give birth? Common concerns I hear expectant parents having include:

  • How will I know if he's getting enough to eat?
  • What do I need to watch out for in the first few days of life and who do I call?
  • Is this thing my baby's doing normal?
  • How will I know if my wife has postpartum depression and what do I do?
  • How do I give my baby a bath?
  • When's a good time to start pumping?
  • Will we ever sleep again?

Does this sound like you? 

Join us in our next Newborn Care Workshop and get all your questions answered. 

Workshops are online, are offered live over Zoom and are kept to small groups so that you can ask questions and discuss the things YOU want to know for your family.

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A look at what we'll talk about:

Day 1 of your baby's life

What to expect in the first few hours of your baby's life. From the all important golden hour of bonding, to the first feeding to common newborn medical procedures and tests. 

The first few days & weeks

We'll talk about what you can expect in the first few days and weeks of life. How to know if your baby is getting enough to eat, what to watch out for and who to call if you have concerns


How it works and  the things you can do to get off to a good start. We'll discuss how to get support if you need it as well as some of the more common breastfeeding challenges and what you can do about them. We'll cover pumping, sterilizing, and what supplies you might need. 

Bottle Feeding

We talk about what bottles to get, how many you will need, how to feed a mostly breastfed baby with a bottle to minimize nipple confusion issues, formula preparation and more. 

Postpartum Mental Health

We'll talk about ways both parents can take care of yourselves and each other, and things you can set up now to make things easier in the first few weeks and months postpartum. We'll discuss what to expect emotionally postpartum, what to look out for and how to get support. 


After feeding, sleep is the biggest topic new parents have questions about. How to get more of it themselves, how much should baby be getting and how to help them get it. We'll talk safe sleep environments, strategies to get sleep for yourself in the first few weeks of life and more. 

Bathing Baby, Swaddling & More

How to give your baby a bath, diapers, how to swaddle, what equipment and supplies you'll need for your baby. We cover it all. 

Pets & Babies

What to think about when introducing your pets to your baby and things you can do to start preparing your pets now. 

3.5 hr Live Online Group Class


Upcoming dates to choose from:

  • Sat Aug 20 - 9am PT
  • Sat Sept 17th - 9am PT SOLD OUT
  • Sat Oct 8th - 9am PT 
  • Sat Nov 12th - 9am PT
  • Sat Jan  May 14th - 9am PT
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What my clients are saying


"In preparation for our new arrival, Emma shared precisely the knowledge we needed and simplified the abundance of information and instruction available to expecting parents. "


"Emma is professional, knowledgable and dedicated. She really cares about the parents and the baby. "


"Having a baby is like moving to a foreign country where you don't know the language. Emma is an essential interpreter for this journey. "

Nice to meet you!

Hi. I'm Emma. I look forward to meeting you

I've worked in the pregnancy and  childbirth field for over 14 years now, as a prenatal and postpartum massage therapist, birth doula and postpartum doula. I've attended over 250 births and given almost 1000 prenatal massages in that time. In my time as a postpartum doula, I've helped countless parents adjust to their lives as new families and Iook forward to sharing that experience with you too. And yes, those are two babies in the photo plus one cat who couldn't be left out of the snuggles. 

3.5hr Live Online Group Class


Upcoming dates to choose from:

  • Sat Aug 20 - 9am PT
  • Sat Sept 17th - 9am PT - SOLD OUT
  • Sat Oct 8th - 9am PT 
  • Sat Nov 12th - 9am PT
  • Sat Jan  May 14th - 9am PT
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